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During the recomposition phase, our main goal is to simultaneously lose fat while gaining muscle. To do this, we must be in a caloric maintenance. Meaning, the amount of calories we are burning and consuming are the same.


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“Anyone who knows me knows I love fitness. I’ve been a coach for almost 5 years, I love the gym, I love seeing what my body is capable of....BUT I’m also a single mom of boys and I love to eat! Like A LOT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I get caught up in life and all it’s happenings just as much as the next person. 


With Covid, last year was crazy for everyone and after my competition in July, many things in my world came to a crash with a quickness. I stress ate or didn’t eat, I wasn’t training, I was drinking more than I’d like to admit, I kind of crawled into a dark hole and wasn’t sure how I was going to get out. My motivation was gone and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it back. 


Around Christmas, a few friends asked about the lifestyle program my coach offers (yes, even coaches have coaches) and when I gave details, some were a bit apprehensive about sending photos to a male and asked if I knew any females that did the same thing. At that moment, it dawned on me! My amazing friend, and teamie, Kelsey had started her own new journey as a coach and I thought to myself, “ummmm, what better way to support my friend and kick my ass back in gear than to go through her program myself and share the journey with others!” 


Y’all let me tell you!!! There is no one else I would have rather spent this last month working with 🖤💛 All you need is that one right hype friend and let me tell you, SHE IS THAT HYPE FRIEND, no one does it better. She had my back, even when I didn’t, she reminded, always, that I’m fire!Kels,  you were made for this life and I’ll forever be grateful, love you boo and I can’t wait to see what this world has to offer you!!"


“As it does sometimes, life got a little crazy for me while I was going through a transition of moving and attending a new school and I fell out of my routine of going to the gym consistently, on top of that was still eating anything and everything as if I would burn it off later at the gym. Once quarantine started I knew I needed to take advantage of this time to make and change, and that’s when Coach Kels came into the picture 🙌🏼 My goals were to lose some weight, build some muscle and as for performance goals I really wanted to be able to do a pull up. In the course of this 12 week program Kelsey helped me achieve all those things! She gave me a customized nutrition plan as well as a workout plan and the encouragement and support to reach my goals. I was held accountable with our weekly check ins which really helped keep me on track and motivated by getting to see my progress and also getting feedback from her. Hiring Coach Kels took my fitness journey to the next level and I’m more excited than ever to continue setting and achieving goals in the gym 👏🏼 


Thank you so much for everything Kels! I’ve learned so much from you in these past 12 weeks and I absolutely would not have been able to make all this progress without your guidance ❤️”

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