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During the bulking phase, our main goal is to gain muscle, while minimizing the amount of fat we gain. To do this, we must be in a caloric surplus. Meaning, we are consuming more calories than we burn.


"I first came to Kelsey to start a fitness program because I wanted to start to take care of my health and find some structure in my daily routines. I had taken a 7 year hiatus on working out and had not taken care of myself for quite some time. After finishing high school I found out that I had thoracic outlet syndrome on my left shoulder and was told by sports doctors that I would struggle to be able to lift weights and it held me back from keeping myself motivated to take care of my physical health. Kelsey provided me with a program that helped me learn how to eat clean, maximize my weight lifting, keep on top of cardio, and push myself to try my best to strive for progress. She gave me daily pointers, weekly check-ins, and kept me motivated all the way through. The hardest part for myself was starting up cardio again and not cheating myself on the diet. Overall, I learned so much throughout this program and I feel like I made a lot of progress. This program not only helped my physical health but also provided me with discipline and life lessons. I will move forward in life with all of the information she taught me and have more confidence in myself. This was not just a diet or workout program for me because I’ve realized it’s a lifestyle change. Kelsey, thank you so much for believing in me and helping me through this experience! You changed my life and I appreciate everything you did for me." -Matt J.

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"No gym, no meat, no problem! 

I started this program with Kelsey because I had slowly let who I am slip away. I have always believed that we are made up of a series of small, seemingly insignificant choices. Those little choices add up to big results, either for the better or worse. I used to push myself to always be on top of my physical game, my career demanded it. Over the past few years, I made one, seemingly insignificant, choice after another, until I finally looked in the mirror and realized how far I had fallen. I sucked it up, pushed down my pride and asked Kelsey to get a plan together for me. I have a degree in exercise science and am a doctor, so pushing down the pride was the hard part. However, it paid off. Being accountable to someone was what needed to happen and Kelsey was the perfect person. When I told her I was sore, she laughed. When I told her I was hungry, she laughed again. Then she added more exercises, more miles, and less food. She worked with me on eating plant based and also not having access to a gym. It wasn’t always easy. But taking it one meal at a time, one exercise at a time, got me back to who I once was. If you want to become your best self, hit her up. It won’t be easy, and she won’t sugarcoat it, but she will get you where you want to be. Thanks, Coach KK!" -Seth C.

"Coach Kelsey is one of a kind she couched me and my wife at the same time, matched our days, made it fun, and always responded with any questions. She replied fast and was always professional.
With her knowledge on fitness and nutrition me and my wife both accomplished our goals together and we continue to do so with all the things we've learned from her." -James S.

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